How to Play Paintball

Paintball is one thrilling and exciting sport. Similar to all other games, it can be quite intimidating to first-timers. However, if you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and the rules, you will have a higher chance of turning into a paintball commando by the end of the day. Paintball is a fun game, and it’s ideal for everyone, as long as you are eight years and above. Well, if you’ve planned to play paintball this weekend with your family or friends and have no clue what it’s all about. Below is a guide on how to play paintball.


What Equipment Will You Need?

You ought to have a paintball gun. There are different types. You will, therefore, learn along the way which suits you best. You also have to wear a mask for safety purposes. Don’t forget to wear goggles to protect your eyes. Additionally, get a helmet to protect the entire head. Wear clothing that will cover most of your body parts to avoid getting hit directly with a paintball.


Does Getting Hit By Paintballs Hurt?


Yes, getting hit by paintballs at close range is a bit painful. However, you should cover exposed skin with clothing. It will help reduce the impact. Wear a hoodie or any heavy clothing.


Now that you are familiar with the equipment required, let’s dive straight into the basics.


Don’t Be Afraid


Paintball is only but a simulation of combat, therefore getting hit by a paintball won’t kill you. Don’t allow fear to interfere with your fun. Approach the battleground with confidence. Paintball helps you know how to cope with fear and use it to your advantage.


Communicate with Your Teammates


You can’t emerge as victors on the battlefield without communicating. It’s advisable to come up with a game plan before the game and communicate effectively during the game. You should, however, talk in low tones to avoid exposing your position.


Be Cautious

Imagine as if you are in a real-life battlefield. Therefore ensure you carry enough ammo or grenades. Move around cautiously to avoid getting hit. Remember to stock up during breaks. Always carry a map to ensure you don’t get into enemy territory.


Move Stealthily

Don’t run around aimlessly. Cover yourself and make sure you’re not spotted easily. Most newbies, however, hide during the entire game and miss out on all the fun action. It’s just a game after all. Therefore if you have a clean shot don’t be afraid to shoot.


Use Your Ammo Well


You don’t want to run out of ammo in the middle of a battle, because you will be completely defenseless. Use your ammo well and don’t fire aimlessly. Only fire when it’s necessary, that is, when you spot your enemy, or when covering your teammate so that he/she moves to a safe position.


Have Fun


Don’t be too serious when playing paintball. After all, it’s all about having fun. Approach the game with a positive mindset. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean that you won’t be a badass. Even if you make a mistake, worry not. There’s always another chance. You should ensure that you follow the rules of the game.