The Battles Rage On

For any parents out there that have more than one child, they know better than most that sibling rivalry is a real thing and it occurs in every household, no matter how well you attempt to treat each child as an individual. It always brings about some amount of anxiety to any household and there is never one way to approach it as it is a case by case scenario most of the time. I have a lot of experience to expound on and I have asked friends and colleagues for the best approaches and I strive to share that with everyone I come across. At the end of the day, it is all about helping us be better for our children so that they can be the best version of themselves.


There are ways to manage sibling rivalry and the different approaches are as varied as there are people. If you have more than one child, the chances are that you have had to act as a referee during one of their verbal and/or physical fights. No matter how well your children get along, there are always times when there is more friction and conflict than you could ever possibly imagine.


But with some patience and a bit of insight, it is possible to provide a home that is passionate and full of harmony. Once your kids have established a great bond, they will even learn how to take it upon themselves to manage their own conflicts with one another without you even interrupting them. You want those fights to be minimized and you want them to be able to set aside their differences for the greater good and the big picture. This is one of the best ways for families to grow stronger and flourish.


Sibling Rivalry and the Common Causes

Children fighting over a stuff toy

Sibling fighting can occur at any time and parents should look at a fight as a way for children to flourish and grow. Whether it is fighting over who has to sweep the floors or which television, the real problem may be underlying and the goal is to get to the heart of the matter and nip it in the bud. Sometimes, it might just be personality clashes and unresolved issues that parents may be unaware of. There are always kids in the family that feel like they are being favored by one parent or another and this can lead to resentment that shows itself when you least expect it.


Handling Sibling Rivalry


No matter what, it is important for parents to foster a great relationship between all the children and keep conflicts at a minimum and that they learn the art of conversation. Here are some ways in which parents can aid their children:


Teaching kids to handle fights and conflict positively.

Picture of a mother pacifying her kids

You teach people how to teach you and that is exactly what you should teach your children as well. That means listening and being able to speak up for themselves. Children that are taught that early are better able to negotiate and work out compromises in the present and the in the future, at work or in a home setting. Disputes naturally pop up between siblings and being able to resolve them internally is a sign of growing up.


Parents should know when to step in.


Although some kids can handle some issues at home, there comes a time when it is best to step in and help kids grow up and become better at the end of the day.